GR8 Faucetlist

Installation Guide

In this guide I will walk you through the step by step process of installing the GR8 Faucetlist Script on your hosting, but first let me say thank you for purchasing the GR8 Faucetlist Script!

Ok, lets get started with a few preinstall steps.

Choose a domain name

When choosing a domain name for your faucetlist, I would suggest that you choose a domain name thats easy to remember and short. Doing so will allow users to easily find your site again without needing to bookmark it.

Choose a hosting provider

I would recommend BlueHost as your hosting provider. Below are just a few reasons why I recommend them.

  • They have been in business for more than 18 years and host over 2 million websites
  • They have a 99.96% uptime with fast server speeds
  • Plans starting as low as $2.75/month which include:
    • FREE Domain Name for 1st Year
    • FREE SSL Certificate for new customers
  • 24/7 support should you have any questions
Choose your MicroWallet providers

While the GR8 Faucetlist Script does support all the major MicroWallets, not all of them have a large list of faucets to promote, so for that reason I would suggest signing up for FaucetPay and ExpressCrypto as both of them have a good supply of faucets to earn from.

Ok now that you have your domain name, hosting and microwallets setup lets move onto the script installation.

Upload Faucetlist files#

Access your cPanel, then navigate to the File Manager

  • Upload and Extract the zip file
  • Make sure to delete any unnecessary files suchas "Instructions.html"

Basic Faucetlist Configuration#

Open "config.php with the file editor by right clicking and selecting "Edit". In this section you will input your faucetlist details between the Single Quotes. Be very cautious of the format in the config.php file, deleting a single quote or comma could cause the script to cease functioning.

						// Faucetlist Config
						$site['name'] = ''; // Your Faucetlist name
						$site['title'] = ''; // Your Faucetlist Page title
						$site['description'] = ''; // Your Faucetlist description
						$site['keywords'] = ''; // Keywords for Search Engines
						$site['url'] = ''; // Your Faucetlist URL | Website Address
						$site['age'] = '7'; // How many days to consider new faucet
MicroWallets Configuration#

Next you will need to format the mircowallets with your details. Below is a breakdown of the variables.

  • enabled - Set this variable to either true or false depending if you want to include the microwallet in your faucetlist.
  • url - Set this to your referral url for associated Microwallet
  • api_key - This is your API Key assigned by the Microwallet
  • user_token - You set this when making an API on ExpressCrypto
  • currencies - List of cryptocurrecies the MicroWallet accepts
  • skip - Ids of Faucets/Sites you want to skip or not show in your faucetlist
						// Microwallet data
						$microwallets = [
				    	'expresscrypto' => [
				    		'enabled' => true, // true or false
				    		'name' => 'ExpressCrypto',
				    		'api_base' => '',
								'url' => '',
				    		'api_key' => 'YOUR API KEY',
				    		'user_token' => 'YOUR USER TOKEN',
				    		'currencies' => ['ADA','BTC','BCH','BCN','DASH','DGB','DOGE','ETC','ETH','EXG','EXS','KMD','LSK','LTC','NEO','PIVX','PPC','RDD','STRAX','TRX','VTC','WAVES','XMR','XRP','XTZ','ZEC','ZEN'],
				    		'skip' => [11,189,255,257,321,386,392,418,419,440,441,442,520,625,726,757,764,800,803,827,893,894,897,1003,1007,1029,1268,1272,1316,1437,1467,1552,1593,1600,1640,1745,1896,1903,1908,2152,2265,2294,2345,2532,2655,2742,3107,3171,3563,4233,4422,4456,4669,4705,4865,4866,4867,4878,4886,4913]
				    	'faucetpay' => [
				    		'enabled' => true, // true or false
				    		'name' => 'FaucetPay',
				    		'api_base' => '',
				    		'url' => '',
				    		'currencies' => ['BCH','BTC','DASH','DGB','DOGE','ETH','FEY','LTC','TRX','USDT'],
				    		'skip' => [443,1283,1543,2397,11079,11396,11914,15539,15723,17111]
Basic Referral Configuration#

As you can see below ExpressCrypto, CedsonHub and WalCrypt use a unique id to claim from all currencies so when you signup you are given a unique ID which you would put here. However some MicroWallets like FaucetPay use your cryptocurrency address instead so you will need to enter your cryptocurrecy address that you have linked to your MicroWallet account.

						// Referral ID/Addresses
						$ref = [
  							'expresscrypto'	=> 'EC-UserId-6004',
  							'cedsonhub'	=> 'AvalonRychmon',
								'walcrypt'	=> 'f630eacfc2e00f6fa7b8ca15faf9e178',
								'bch'   => 'qrxhfnx5phwn492p0m8sg0fr0367w9c0sgkjwqcj2p',
								'btc'   => '3Jm8XntBk6jCLx4j9KNEbwUwtriwuKbTT2',
								'dash'  => 'XtmRFVFEy3C1cPYesFJptW7gpNxRF4oSqT',
								'dgb'   => 'DQ4WnfhgzfRR7vpvUrmx88UPSexKtPVfse',
								'doge'  => 'DQJVhRd8sCciKKcEaXcTzUjoi8hDuGizCc',
								'eth'   => '0x7b644e5176c20db5abfd2ca31b0b1a8552690b27',
								'ltc'   => 'Lh7LoE6f7E5ZoMQ21F6cXejo2rAhKfsfyh',
								'trx'   => 'TY25CoFjBcAzvjK8qmy4yjGQSgTgBncmMW',
								'usdt' 	=> 'TVFzPHzyDcZfJxLgMmdK1SpgmKstUCrjUm'
Advanced Referral Configuration#

These days there are a few more user registered style faucets that give you are unique referral link so here you will need to find the Faucet ID# for the faucet on each MicroWallet and your unique referral address. There are two ways to find the faucet id#

First way is to inspect the source code in your browser. Typically you can either right click on name of faucet, then click "Inspect"
Second way is to hover your mouse over the faucet name in your browser, the id will appear.
As for your unique referral link, you will need to log into the faucet/site and copy it from there.

Now that you have the faucet id# and your referral link we can format the advanced referral array as follows

							// Specific Faucet Referral Links
							$ref_urls = [
								'expresscrypto' => [
									'faucetID' => 'REF URL',
									'faucetID' => 'REF URL',
								'faucetpay' => [
									'faucetID' => 'REF URL',
									'faucetID' => 'REF URL',
Advertisement Configuration#

The GR8 Faucetlist Script has four adspaces by default. You can either use the built in variables in the config.php file or you can edit the index.php file to add your banners.

						// Advertisement Banners
						$ads['top_ads'] = '';
						$ads['left_ads'] = '';
						$ads['right_ads'] = '';
						$ads['bottom_ads'] = '';
File Permissions#

It is suggested if your lists are not updating hourly as intended, you will need to change the file permissions for the "lists" folder to 777

This can be accomplished by right clicking on the "lists" folder and selecting "Change Permissions"