GR8 Faucet Lite

Installation Guide

In this guide I will walk you through the step by step process of installing the GR8 Faucet Lite Script on your hosting, but first let me say thank you for download the GR8 Faucet Lite Script!

Ok, lets get started with a few preinstall steps.

Choose a domain name

When choosing a domain name for your faucet, it suggested that you choose a domain name thats easy to remember and short. Doing so will allow users to easily find your site again without needing to bookmark it.

Choose a hosting provider

I would recommend BlueHost as your hosting provider. Below are just a few reasons why I recommend them.

  • They have been in business for more than 18 years and host over 2 million websites
  • They have a 99.96% uptime with fast server speeds
  • Plans starting as low as $2.75/month which include:
    • FREE Domain Name for 1st Year
    • FREE SSL Certificate for new customers
  • 24/7 support should you have any questions
Choose your MicroWallet provider

While the GR8 Faucet Lite Script does support all the major MicroWallets, not all of them have a large userbase however FaucetPay and ExpressCrypto both have a good userbase that you can promote your faucet too.

Ok now that you have your domain name, hosting and a microwallet setup lets move onto the script installation.

Upload Faucet Script files#

Access your cPanel, then navigate to the File Manager

  • Upload and Extract the zip file
  • Make sure to delete any unnecessary files suchas "Instructions.html"

Basic Configuration#

Open "config.php with the file editor by right clicking and selecting "Edit". In this section you will input your database connection details between the Single Quotes. Be very cautious of the format in the config.php file, deleting a single quote or comma could cause the script to cease functioning.

$host - Most modern hosting use 'localhost' for this setting
$database - The name of the database you created
$username - The Username you assigned
$password - The Password you assigned
$faucetID - This is set as 'gr8-lite', you can use whatever id you want
$show_errors - Set to 'true' to show script errors or 'false' once script is installed

Install Script#

After saving the config.php, access your faucet through a browser. If you have setup the config file correctly you should be redirected to the faucet admin panel. The admin panel password is the same as your database password.

Faucet Settings#

In this section you will need to create a faucet at FaucetPay or ExpressCrypto in order to get your API Key as it is a requirement at this point.

Name - The name of your Faucet
Faucet URL - The URL Address of your faucet
Description - This is optional but will be added to the HTML code for Search Engines
MicroWallet - Select the MicroWallet you want to send user payouts to
API Key - This you will get from the MicroWallet when you create an Faucet
Currency - Select which cryptocurrecy you plan to pay users with
Timer - How many minutes apart can a user claim from your faucet
Referral - The percentage of the reward to give the user referral
Rewards - Set how much you want to give to user upon completion

Faucet Security#

Security is very important when it comes to keeping bots and no gooders at bay to secure your faucets funds.

Captcha - This is your main captcha. Choose either SolveMedia or reCaptcha
Secondary Captcha - This is optional but can be set to allow users option to you a different captcha
Max Claims per 24 hours - Set the max number of times a single user can claim, or leave blank to use total number of shortlink views as max claims
Shortlink Timer - How long in seconds should it take for user to complete a shortener link
IP Hub API Key - Use IP Hub to block users that are using a proxy/vpn
ProxyCheck API Key - Use ProxyCheck to block users that are using a proxy/vpn
Disable Faucet Balance - If disabled your faucet balance will not be shown on faucet
Disable Antibot Links - If disabled AntiBot links will not be active on faucet
Disable Open in IFRAME - If disabled faucet will not be allowed to open in a iframe

Faucet Template#

Here you can customize the way your faucet looks including the bootstrap theme, antibot theme, add custom css styling and add in your advertisement banner codes.

Theme - Select a Bootswatch theme for your faucet
AntiBot Theme - Choose either a dark or light antibot theme
Nav Links - Add custom links into the navbar of your faucet. Use HTML <a> Tag to format links
Custom CSS - Add your custom css code here to make your faucet more unique
Top Ad Space - This is the ad space located at the Top of your faucet
Left Ad Space - This is the ad space located on the left side of your faucet
Middle Ad Space - This is the ad space located in the middle of your faucet
Right Ad Space - This is the ad space located on the right side of your faucet
Bottom Ad Space - This is the ad space located at the Bottom of your faucet, also should be used for Google Analytics, Popup ads, etc
Paid/Wait Ad Space - Visible after user has claimed or is waiting to claim. Its recommended to put your referral link to other faucets/programs here

The use of Shortlinks on your faucet is the primary source of income so we have really spent alot of time to make this area as functional and imformative as we could. We go through our list of shorteners at least once a month to update their status and cpm.

Name - The url of the shortener, on mouse hover additional details appear
CPM - The lowest CPM reported by shortener
API Key - Login to your shortener account, go to "Tools > Developer API" to get your API Token
Priority - Set enabled shorteners priority (1,2,3) to specify which shorteners are used first. Leave blank to randonly select shortener
Views - The number of times a user can claim from this shortener
Enabled - Select to enable shortener

Still have questions or just want to be part of the GR8 Community then join our Discord Channel!